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5 Morning Habits To Start Your Day Right

Start Your Day Right with these 5 Morning Habits:

Mornings plays a major role in defining how your day will be. Believe it or not it’s also the major contributor towards your mood and efficacy of your multitasking during the day.

Starting your day right puts you with pace of life without being stressful. Here are some simple yet effective 5 Morning Habits to Start Your Day Right!!

1. Get Enough Sleep:

Starting your day right starts with night before …by getting enough sleep. Research suggests that At least 7-8 hours of sleep is required. Lack of sleep is related to health problems like Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and so on.

We all live in a fast paced life but wrapping up day little early can really help with getting required sleep for the body.

It is also a good thing to avoid using phone before going to bed to get quality sleep.

2. Wake Up With Positive Mindset:

As soon as we wake up we want to jump right in to finishing up and get going. Make sometime to be with yourself. Wake up with positive mindset. Smile.

Think about all the good things and be grateful for things you have in life. Spending few minutes with yourself with positive mindset can really do wonders on how you look at your day.

3. Hydrate Yourself:

Third and very important thing is to hydrate yourself. Drink water. When we go to sleep our body tends to go into a dehydration state. Drinking 1 full glass of Luke warm really hydrates your body.

You can even add lemon and honey to make it a weight loss drink or any way you like but try to have at least a full glass of Luke warm water.

4. Meditation:

Time and time again it is proven that how mediation is powerful in making you mentally strong and calm. It helps you sync your mind with body and brings a balance. It helps reducing stress, anxiety and fills you with positive energy.

Some believe Mediation is very hard and you have to sit for long time and in a quiet place and stop all your thoughts and all that.. But it is not like that..

You can even do it for 3-5 minutes and just focus on your breathing. Do not try to stop your thoughts. Let it flow and be aware of your surroundings. Even 5 minutes meditation can work like magic. You will feel the positive energy.

5. Breakfast:

Last but not the least a very import part of starting a day right is to have breakfast. Because of busy schedules people always tend to skip breakfast. And that is the worst thing to do to your body. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Skipping breakfast is related to weight gain, blood pressure, Obesity and other health related issues.

Make time for breakfast. Try to eat something before you leave. There are many ways you can manage to include breakfast in your busy schedule. To make life easy you can plan ahead. Prepare early or Make breakfast smoothies night before.

Its all about changing a little bit and starting your day on right note.


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