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How To Set Your Goals Right And Achieve Them

People without goals are less successful than they wish to be. It is very important to set your goals right.

Why (Find your why)

But before we jump into goal setting guide it’s important to find your Why.

If your Why is not strong enough you won’t move forward with the passion to achieve your goal.

Write Your Goals Down.

Always write down your goals. People who don’t write their goals are less likely to achieve them. Writing helps your brain stimulation and you take it more seriously if you write down things.

Share your goal with someone

Involve friends or family whoever you feel accountable with. Sharing your goal with someone makes you accountable and responsible to working towards your goals.

Visualize your Goal

Visualize the result of the goal .Have that frames in your mind what it’s going to be like after you will achieve it. Visualization has a great impact on how you move forward in your path of achieving your goals.

Set SMART Goals:

SMART Goals are a great way to Set your goals right and achieve them.

S-Specific: Your goal should be specific. It should not be a general goal. For example, being healthier is a general goal but if you focus on how to lose weight or changing your routines are good examples of a specific goal.

M- Measurable: Your goals should be measurable. You should be able to measure your success along the way.

A- Attainable: Have attainable goals. Don’t set up impossible goals which are not achievable. For example, don’t set up a goal like you want to lose 20 pounds in a day or like you want to land in the moon next day. Setting impossible goals makes u give up and leave you with disappointments. Set attainable goals.

R- Relatable: make goals relatable to your life. These Goals are relatable to your lifestyle and related to you.

T- Time bound: Your goal should be time bound. Put a timeline to your goal. If you don’t have your goals time bound you won’t have a clear vision of your path and timeline set to achieve it.

Make a Start

After you Set your SMART goal, the very first to step is to make a start. Many times people make their goals but it is always hard to take that first step. So make sure you make take that first step and start.

Create a Plan and Steps

Have a plan on how you are going to proceed further. It’s a journey from point A to point B. It’s like you are driving to work or traveling. You need to start from point A to reach point B. But its looks so easy then why it’s not easy in this case? You need to have a road a plan, a map in front of you on how to achieve this. What you need to change in or need to make it achievable.

Set some short goals you might need to set some short goals to achieve the ultimate goal. Put a timeline for each short goal.

Measure your progress: Measure your progress through out on how far are you to achieve your goals

Reward Yourself: It’s very important that you reward your self whenever you see a success. Even if it is a little victory reward yourself and be proud and enjoy the moment. This will keep you motivated to move forward.


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