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Don't Rely On Others For Your HAPPINESS. Find HAPPINESS Within YOU

We all always find ourselves sometimes trapped and struggling to find happiness. But we get disappointed when we rely on others for our happiness. Learn how not rely on others for your HAPPINESS and find it within yourself.

1. Look Within:

we as people always tend to look for happiness in things or people that surround us. But by relying on others for our happiness we give away the control on our emotions. We forget that their job is not make us happy , they themselves struggle and search for their own happiness.

2. Be responsible for your happiness:

The ultimate truth in life is that the only person who can make you happy is you. No one else. The sooner you understand this the better the situation will be. Take responsibility for your happiness. Learn to take control of your emotions and how to divert them for your own betterment. Remember it is a conscious effort which will require keeping on practicing it until it becomes a way of life for you.

3. Detox Your Mind:

Relying on others for happiness most often bring disappointments and drives you into sadness. And if you encounter negative people in this phase it becomes more difficult to handle the situation. Learn to detox your mind and make a peace with yourself.

4. Learn to be comfortable with yourself:

Accept yourself as who you are. There is a certain way that God has made all of us . Accept your imperfections. Learn to be comfortable with yourself. Spend some alone time with yourself. Many times all you need is just the conversion with yourself. So relax. Take breaks and spend time with yourself. By doing this you will learn to be more independent of your actions and will be more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Take care of yourself. Self care is not being selfish. It’s about loving yourself and appreciating who you are.

5. Know your Worth:

This is one of the most important factors in this. Know your worth. Stop beating yourself up for mistakes and failures. This will only bring you down. List out all your achievements and things that you are proud of. Remember, you have come all this far by going through all the difficulties and struggles. Never underestimate yourself. One way to build up your spirit is to practice positive self talk.

6. Stop expecting from others:

whenever we rely on others: the very common reason for disappoint is when we expect from others to do and behave in a certain way that makes us happy .Stop expecting from others. This is something you cannot control. By doing this you are only hurting yourself. The moment you will stop expecting from others, you will realize how it will set you at peace.


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