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The Power Of Positive Self-Talk

Before we jump into what is the power of a Positive Self-Talk, Lets look at what is a Self-Talk.

What Is a Self Talk?

Our brain is producing thoughts 24/7. Research says our brain has 50 to 80 thousands of thoughts in a single day.

These thoughts are the conversations with yourself. It is your inner voice and a talk with yourself. It’s called a Self Talk.

There are two types of Self talks: Positive Self-Talk and Negative Self-Talk

Self talks are so powerful that they can form a belief over the period of time. So it’s very important to watch what we feed our mind with.

What do you talk to yourself? Is it positive or negative?

How do we know if self talk is positive or negative?

Let’s first look at the examples of a Negative Self Talk first:

1. I am not good at this.

2. I am going to have a bad day.

3. It is a new thing and I won’t be able to do this.

4. I will make mistakes.

5. I will never be able to achieve this.

6. I am not good enough.

7. I am not special.

8. I hate myself.

9. Comparing yourself with others.

When you feed your brain with negative self talk, it starts giving you reasons and excuses on why you cannot do or achieve something.

With thousands of negative thoughts in span of time, it starts forming a belief. And, you don’t even give it a try because now you are convinced that you won’t be able to do it.

Now let’s look at the examples of Positive Self Talk:

1. I can do this.

2. I am going to have a great day.

3. I know it's new but I will be able to learn this over the period of time.

4. It is ok if I mistakes. I will learn from it and will try to make it better next time.

5. I believe in myself and I know I will be able to achieve this.

6. I trust my abilities.

7. I am special.

8. I love myself.

9. I am not going to compare myself with others.

The moment you feed your brain with positive thoughts, it starts working towards finding ways on how you can achieve your goal. It starts finding solution to the problem.

Change the way you think and it will change the outcome of it. Visualize positive results with positive self talk and you will realize how it is affecting your actions.


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