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How To Handle When Someone Puts You Down

Before you feel bad, first understand why they are doing this. It is not about YOU. It is about THEM. It is their insecurities and frustration.

Cut Out Toxic People From Your Life

Best way is to cut out these kind of people from your life. It could be any one a friend , a colleague or a family Meir relative. Cut them out from your life and if you can’t do that then try to stay away as much as you can. And learn to filter those negativity so it won’t affect your mind.

Think of as you are so important:

They want to bring you down to their low level so that they can feel equal. This definitely proves that you are at level up and hold so much importance in their life that they are doing all these efforts to put you down.


one on one

Best reaction to this is to ignore them. Laugh it out and move on. If you really want to react to it then Thank them and say your opinion does matter but not me. Or just laugh it off by hugging or saying thank you for the compliment.

Reaction when in the group:

If they do this in front of every one than politely ask for reasons and fact checks. And you will see they won’t find any answer to justify themselves.

These people are also good at back biting and putting you down in front of family and friends behind your back. Understand they do this to prove themselves better than you so they want to do this to be in the good books of every one by separating others.

The moment it starts affecting you ask yourself does their opinion matter?

Know your worth and be proud of yourself of your achievements, all of your struggles of how you have come through have walked through difficult times and you are where you are because of your strength and efforts. It’s easy for them to judge from sideway then actually walk on your path.

Practice positive self talk:

Make your positive thoughts as a shield against these kind of people.

Once you learn that and master the art of defeating those negative people you will have much better life focused on important things and priorities.


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