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Bring Out The Best In U - Inside Out

Bring out the best from you inside out With BestInU 
Combine Personal Style with Positive Attitude and Inner Strength
  • Best In U doesn't focus only on outer appearance. It helps you bring out the best from you inside out.

  • Motivational and inspirational Seminars/Webinars 

  • Helping Students, pageant contestants, corporate professional and men and women from all walks of life. 

  • Helping students through seminars and workshops on how to organize and prioritize and put their best foot forward in professional life after graduation, helping them to prepare for interviews 

  • Image consulting Sessions for beauty pageant contestants

  • For corporate clients workshops and seminar with employees to re frame the mindset on how to be focused and organize to get more efficiency.

Personal Style that is Unique to YOU
  • Get a complete make over by professional hair and make up artists

  • Fashion Styling

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Get one on one consultation to discover your own style 

  • Make up and grooming

  • Create the right image for yourself and learn how to own it 

  • Closet guide and Must've s

  • Get help preparing for your interview look and tips on how to present yourself best

  • For corporate : Daily professional look and leadership skill development

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About TheBestinU

Leena Joshi, person behind The Bes In U. She is a Motivational Speaker, Image Consultant and Author.

She studied MS Bio and MBA and Clinical Research. Apart from having a successful career in professional life , She follows her passion as an image consultant and  motivational coach. 

Through her services she helps not only students, pageant contestants, corporate clients but also  men and women from all walk of life to bring out the best in them. Because of her hard work and expertise in the field she has received 'Women of the year award for redefining image consulting' in the year 2019.

She is also an Author of one of the Amazon Best seller self help books 'Find The Best In U.


"I always wanted to bring out the best in terms  of style and fashion and make a difference by helping people  to build the right Image ..While helping  friends , colleagues and family I never realized that it would give much more happiness to bring the best out from people and give them confidence with right guidance and motivation. I work with students and help them prepare on how to put their best foot forward in professional life. "

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